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The mind is everything. What you think you become. 

- Buddha

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Hello and welcome to FLYEDESIGN. I am a digital creative designer specialised in web based and app projects who loves working with new challenges.

Having over 9+ years hands-on experience in the digital design industry, I continuously seek for new challenges in projects . My experience ranges from Creative & Art direction, Team lead, UI, UX and IxD and previous working experience in front-end development.

The experience gathered throughout the years in the industry has given me the necessary tools to guide digital projects from conception to finish.

Product Design


Creative & Art Direction









My specialities around digital products:

ux/ui, product & interaction design.

I believe that beautiful interfaces must be built with research and data to support the product. When you talk to your user's needs, they will see a reason to use your product.

creative & art direction

I count on 9+ years with hands-on experience in the digital design field, this gives me the necessary tools to guide any type of project.

creative leadership

The experience gained throughout the years has given me the tools needed to guide digital products from start to finish.

My Passions

This is what makes me get up in the morning


Melomaniac since I can remember, the love of music accompanies me 24/7

Mountain Bike

Taking long or short bike rides in nature or the city really gets my creative juices flowing. Can't live without my two wheels of steal


Not obsessed but love a good workout to help keep me sane in this fast-track world


Been traveling since childhood, every so often I must take a break from every day life and go to new or different lands


This is a mania of some sorts, really passionate about colors how they mix and match and set the mood for just about anything

street art

Having some years of experience in stencil art, I keep up with the artists and their movements. Truly believe this artistic expression can do wonders to the world

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