Blues for the Rain

It’s raining it’s pouring… This set is a definite MUST for cold raining not going out of the house days… and daysss

DiMA @ Rituel Circus – 07/16

Not only having the enormous pleasure to meet DiMA, during his stay in the city we came together as a group of crazy young kids who went on to having the most unique parties here in this caotic but beautiful city: Bogotá.  This set of his revives those incredibly happy moments together with friends who really enjoy having a good time. This …

Stephan Zovsky LIVE

when you gotta work work work work work this set seriously helps take the edge off and concentrate. That along with an excellent work buddy and some cold ones really gets it done! Stephan Zovsky Soundcloud enjoy!

Matt Rocc P.A.C.E.

E allora questo pezzo mi fa proprio tornare ai mei giorni in Italia. Proprio na figgatta raggazzi….. !!!!!!

Acid Pauli Set

Acid Pauli :: This stuff really crawls under your skin, I don’t know if it’s the different genres he mixes or how perfect the selection is…. This set has allot of surprises and If your like me, you wanna hear this with the volume blasting.

Trip-Hop to travel

You gotta do what you gotta do, while you do that might as well have some killer tunes that help you travel through your work. Music makes everything better. – unkown

Jungle Fever

Marcus Intalex one of my very first favorite Jungle / DnB Dj! This set really takes you back to those good ol’ days…. This one is for the Jungle heads!  

Music to concentrate with

When life gives you lemons and your busy making lemonade with them, some soothing and cooling music REALLY helps the lemonade process. Here goes, for all you people that need help to chill out. Happy Listening!!!!  

Tribe Called Quest

Good morning!!!! To celebrate this beautiful Saturday morning, I want to share this incredible Old School Hip-Hop set for all you music lovers!!!